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Why is Macedonia an Attractive Location for Foreign Investor

Updated on Sunday 02nd February 2020

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Why-is-Macedonia-an-Attractive-Location-for-Foreign-Investors.jpgLocated in the center of Balkans and with a flourishing economy that is recognized at an international level, Macedonia is the business destination that addresses to a wide range of foreign investors looking to thrive in a stable and appreciated environment. The tax benefits, the appreciated workforce, the well-developed industries, and the easy registration procedure through the one-stop shop system are a few of the reasons why Macedonia is an attractive location for foreign investors. We invite you to talk to our team of company incorporation agents in Macedonia and ask for assistance and information if you would like to open a company in Macedonia.

Key features of Macedonia’s business environment

The Macedonian government sustains the foreign investments through all sorts of encouragements which appeal businessmen in the way of setting up varied activities and generate profits. Here are a few of the key features that make Macedonia ready for business:
  • •    the company registration is fast due to the one stop shop system that gathers all the requirements and formalities for business formation;
  • •    the corporate tax is eliminated for 10 years if certain investments are made in Macedonia;
  • •    if profits are reinvested in Macedonia, and if technological developments in untrained regions are made several tax benefits are provided;
  • •    there are no taxes for the share transfers abroad.
Known as the new paradise of Europe, Macedonia continues to implement business reforms to attract even more foreign direct investments.

Workforce in Macedonia

The skilled and relevant workforce in Macedonia is in the attention of foreign entrepreneurs looking for investments and company formation in Macedonia. Found in domains like IT, communication, public services, banking, real estate, tourism and many others, the Macedonian labor force is definitely a top choice for investors in this country.

Taxes in Macedonia

The tax structure in Macedonia is not complex and allows foreigners to decide on the proper ways of directing the profits and the investments. The standard corporate tax is set at 10% and it is applicable to the worldwide income of a company. There are tax exemptions for the distribution of dividends between local companies. The withholding tax for the payment of interest, dividends, and royalties is set at 10%. The free-economic areas in Macedonia offer varied tax incentives among which a 10-year tax exemption. The standard VAT rate in Macedonia is set at 18% rate, but a 5% rate is applicable to food, certain beverages, and other services. Also, Macedonia signed numerous double taxation treaties with countries worldwide for the avoidance of the double taxation on profits.
If you are interested in making investments in Macedonia as a foreign entrepreneur, you can benefit from a series of tax exemptions and a permissive legislation in terms of business. Feel free to address to our specialists in company incorporation in Macedonia for complete information about how to start a business in Macedonia and about how to register for VAT.

How can I open a company in Macedonia?

Thanks to the one-stop shop system for registering a company in Macedonia, the entire process is no time-consuming, allowing both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs to start fast the operations on the market. The following aspects are related to the easy incorporation of your company in Macedonia, particularly for a DOO in Macedonia, also known as the limited liability company, the most common structure available:
  • •    the name of the company is verified with the Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia;
  • •    the Articles of Association need to contain information about the owners, the management, the activities and the purposes of the firm;
  • •    a bank account needs to be open for drafting the minimum share capital of the entity;
  • •    the company needs to be registered for tax contributions in Macedonia with the Tax Administration.

Can I open a branch or a subsidiary in Macedonia?

Yes, foreign companies can easily set up branches or subsidiaries in Macedonia, depending on the business needs of this country. The registration process is simple and can be supervised by our team of advisors in Macedonia.
We invite you to contact our company formation agents in Macedonia and ask for advice and assistance if you would like to register a company in Macedonia.

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