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Shelf Company in Macedonia

Updated on Friday 13th July 2018

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Shelf-Company-in-Macedonia.jpgShelf companies in Macedonia are ready-made companies which are available for local and foreign entrepreneurs interested in placing their businesses without having to wait for the incorporation procedure. Even though the ownership transfer of such type of company is an easy process, we recommend you talk to our company formation agents in Macedonia for complete information and assistance for your future business, whether it is a ready-made company, or you want to start your firm from scratch.

What is a shelf company?

A ready-made company is a registered company kept on a shelf and prepared for business at any time. Such company has a history behind, but no activities on the market, and it is directed for investors wanting a fast start on the market with their activities. Entrepreneurs can buy ready-made companies and commence a wide range of activities, as agreed by the Companies Act in Macedonia.

Who can purchase shelf companies in Macedonia?

Both local and foreign business persons are allowed to acquire shelf companies in Macedonia, as long as they respect the rules of the ownership transfer and the preparation of documents. We can handle the entire procedure of purchasing ready-made companies in Macedonia, therefore, please feel free to address to our company incorporation specialists in Macedonia.

Documents for buying a shelf company in Macedonia

The Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia oversees the registration of vintage shelf companies in this state for both nationals and foreigners interested in this type of purchase. Future owners need to file the forms of the institution and need to submit their identification documents, plus their signatures. We remind that such company will have a board of managers for which their signatures are mandatory.

The advantages of ready-made companies in Macedonia

There are many reasons why foreigners decide on a ready-made company purchase instead of creating a new one from zero. The following benefits usually stand at the base of shelf company acquisition in Macedonia:
  • •    these companies do not have debts or liabilities and are ready to be used;
  • •    there is no need to wait for incorporation, as this type of company is already registered;
  • •    the financial institutions can easily offer credit loans for shelf companies in Macedonia, as they are trustworthy on the market;
  • •    this type of firm has a notable business address in Macedonia and a registered bank account;
  • •    a ready-made company in Macedonia has an accounting history for at least two years;
  • •    the ownership transfer can be issued in approximately one or two days.
If you are interested in more details about how you can buy a shelf company in Macedonia or if you want to register a company in Macedonia, we invite you to contact our team of advisors at any time.


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