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Macedonian Legislation Related to Foreign Investments

Updated on Sunday 02nd February 2020

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Macedonian-Legislation-Related-to-Foreign-Investments.jpgThe permissive legislation related to foreign investments in Macedonia allows entrepreneurs from abroad benefit from the same business rights as nationals. In respect to the Company Law, foreigners can easily establish their operations through varied entities like limited liability companies, partnerships, joint stock companies or sole proprietorships in Macedonia. We invite you to talk to one of our team of company formation representatives in Macedonia and solicit guidance and information about the registration process of a company in Macedonia.

What are the main provisions of the legislation related to investments in Macedonia?

Foreigners looking to incorporate their businesses in Macedonia have a series of rights in terms of company formation and investments. For instance, they are entitled to purchase properties under the same conditions as imposed for domestic entrepreneurs, if they intend to set up companies in Macedonia. There are several provisions mentioned by the Law on Investments in Macedonia, and we invite you to observe the most important ones, such as:
  • there is a national treatment provided to foreigners in terms of investments;
  • entrepreneurs from abroad can activate in Macedonia’s free trade economic zones;
  • specific licenses are necessary to operate in the banking sector in Macedonia;
  • capital, raw material, and equipment are accepted as foreign investments in Macedonia.
Knowing the business climate in Macedonia, plus the requirements for company formation can help any entrepreneur decide on the investments to be made in any of the prolific industries in this country.

Who oversees the investments in Macedonia?

The institution that controls how the investments are made in Macedonia is the Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion of the Republic of Macedonia. The agency facilitates the ways in which the foreign investments are introduced in the country. Fore more details in this matter and for support in VAT registration in Macedonia, please address to our team of consultants.

Business conditions in Macedonia

The Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia is in charge of company incorporation for both domestic and foreign investors looking to thrive in this European country. Entrepreneurs can easily establish a limited liability company, one of the most common structures in Macedonia which can be registered by at least one individual. It is good to know that foreigners can register their companies online with the help of the official platform of the Central Registry, without having to travel to Macedonia. The final forms are normally signed with the Trade Register, a time when the investor must be present in Macedonia.
We invite you to contact our team of company formation representatives in Macedonia and find out how we can help you with company registration matters.

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