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Domiciliation in Macedonia

Updated on Sunday 02nd February 2020

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About us.jpgForeign investors who do not want to settle a traditional office for their future businesses in Macedonia can ask for virtual office services in Skopje. With a virtual office in the capital of Macedonia, the business will have numerous benefits among which a high-profile business address with fewer expenses compared to a traditional office in Macedonia. Our company formation specialists in Macedonia are at your disposal with support and information about the virtual office services or domiciliation in Macedonia.


Types of virtual office services in Macedonia

Business persons from abroad are invited to explore the Virtual Office package offered at any time by  CompanyFormationMacedonia.com. This comprises the following:
  • a notable business address in Skopje for complete credibility in front of future collaborators and customers;
  • a registered office linked to the company registration in Macedonia;
  • a local phone number for your company in Skopje;
  • mail collection and forwarding according to your particular instructions and requests;
  • voice mailbox on request (we can handle such request);
  • a private phone number in Skopje and call redirect as agreed with the client.
Please do not hesitate to talk to our company formation agents in Macedonia for support in company registration and for information about virtual office services which can be requested as soon as you decided for business in Macedonia. The company formation in Macedonia is less bureaucratic and helps entrepreneurs establish rapidly on the market, no matter the chosen business form and operations. The same is available for branches and subsidiaries. Our team can also help you register the company for VAT.

Extra services for your company in Macedonia

The virtual office services may address to all foreign entrepreneurs who want to develop future collaborations with other investors or who are interested in testing the market before establishing a traditional office. Furthermore, we can help you with the collection of bank statements in Skopje, call redirecting with the help of specialized technology and dedicated fax service if you wish.

Who can buy virtual office services in Macedonia?

Domestic and foreign entrepreneurs can choose virtual office packages if they want to test the market before establishing the operations and set up a traditional office. This is a recommended type of service for young entrepreneurs or small businesses that do not need to rent an office space and hire employees.

Why do I need virtual office services in Macedonia?

There are many business persons, domestic or from overseas who consider that the virtual office services are the suitable option for commencing the activities in Macedonia, in varied domains. Instead of dealing with the incorporation process if you are only interested in a market verification or to act as a sole proprietorship, it is suggested to ask about the virtual office package, its content and the ways it can suit your business needs in Macedonia.

Do I have a virtual assistant?

Yes, a virtual office package in Macedonia comes with a virtual assistant in charge of the daily business activities in your company. You will benefit from a notable business address in Skopje or in any city you would like to set up the operations.

Flexibility and benefits of a virtual office

Remote services are often chosen by entrepreneurs from abroad interested in complete flexibility that leads to productivity, even if we do not speak of a traditional office. A virtual assistant can take care of a series of tasks connected to the company’s business and activities on the market in a very flexible mode. A virtual office is a solution that guarantees professionalism to your business regardless of the activities you wish to present and then implement in the market. The monthly costs are definitely reduced if the investors decide for a remote office instead of a traditional one.

Avoiding maintenance costs

As it is known, the cost for maintaining a traditional office are expenses which can be controlled or better yet, reduced. In this sense, a virtual office is preferred instead of a traditional one for which office supplies, varied investments in equipment and maintenance are involved. Moreover, the maintenance of such office is subject to monthly costs which can be reduced if we talk about a virtual office package. Utility bills and rents can be avoided if you buy a virtual office, this way you can keep the expenses at a minimum level for more efficiency and productivity.

Extra benefits linked to a virtual office in Macedonia

Buying virtual office services means taking advantage of numerous benefits like having a prestigious business address and a virtual assistant that can take care of the daily tasks in your firm. Besides the telephone and fax auto-forwarding services, a virtual office package may contain complete support for dealing with the local clients, for opening a bank account if it is necessary and other boardroom facilities for future meetings with the clients. We remind that an entrepreneur looking to purchase virtual office services in Macedonia can decide on the type of services suitable for his/her needs and can provide the email address necessary for mail forwarding and related activities. Bank statements can be collected on request and can be forwarded under the terms established with the client. Moreover, the virtual assistant will take care, in a complete professionalism of the faxes, phones, and emails, even if other demands will arise at a certain point. You may address your inquiries to our team of consultants of you are interested in virtual office services or if you would like to establish a business with a traditional office.
Please feel free to get in touch with our team of specialists in company formation in Macedonia for extra details about the virtual office services.


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