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Tax Minimization in Macedonia

Updated on Tuesday 08th January 2019

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Liaison-Office-in-Macedonia.jpgCompanies that decide for tax minimization methods will be involved in a long-term engagement part of a financial arrangement process which represents more than just minimizing the taxes in the firm. There are varied financial tools which can be easily implemented with complete support provided by a team of accountants. We remind that our company formation specialists in Macedonia are at the disposal of foreign investors who would like to set up a business in this country. Also, our consultants can offer the needed help in tax minimization for your company.

What tax minimization strategies can I choose for my company?

Companies in Macedonia benefit from the lowest corporate tax in Europe rate which is set at 10% and which is a great business advantage when it comes to minimizing the taxes. However, there are also other ways in which the taxes in the company can be cut or minimized:
  • investments like the ones involving the equipment in the company can be exempt from taxation;
  • charities and donations can be important tax minimization methods;
  • a credit or loan paid in advance can be subject to varied tax cuts;
  • auto and travel expenses in a company can be exempt from taxation under specific rules.
It is good to know that companies with a research and development department can benefit from a series of tax deductions, so you might want to consider this method too. Also, exported products abroad for educational, charitable or humanitarian purposes can solicit a VAT refund.

Reinvesting the profits in the company

Another tax minimization tool in Macedonia refers to the ways in which the profits are reinvested in the company because these are exempt from taxation. This is often a great method used by investors who would like to cut the taxes in the firm. We invite you to address to our team of consultants and find out more about the tax minimization tools you can adopt in your firm. Our accountants are at your disposal if you need a tax minimization plan.

What is an investment tax planning in Macedonia?

A team of accountants in Macedonia can provide support when it comes to tax cuts and planning in the company. Tax minimization methods often involve the ways in which the tax implications related to investments can be beneficial for the company. For example, tax-exempt investments, qualified dividends, mutual fund taxation and the analysis of gains and losses in the firm can be important strategies when it comes to tax minimization. A smart investment tax planning alongside a year-end planning strategy is frequently the choice of entrepreneurs who are helped by tax professionals. Let us remind you that our team is at your service as soon as you decide on tax minimization methods for your firm. Also, you can benefit from complete assistance and information if you would like to open a company in Macedonia, whether it is a limited liability company, a partnership, a branch, a subsidiary or a sole proprietorship. We can handle the requirements with the registration authorities in Macedonia.

Other tax minimization tools in Macedonia

Investing in equipment or natural resources may turn into a great tax minimization method if we consider that the invested capital can return. The medical expenses, office supplies, gifts, and related costs can be deducted in compliance with the applicable tax legislation. 

Why decide for tax minimization options in Macedonia?

All business owners are interested in cutting the taxes as much as possible. The tax minimization methods are the smart ways in which you can diminish such costs in the firm. Whether you are interested in charitable donations, profit investment, research, and development, it is always a great option to adopt varied tax minimization methods. You can also benefit from the appealing tax regime in Macedonia, especially when it comes to the corporate or the personal income tax. It is good to know that the reinvested profit in the company is subject to 0% tax rate. Moreover, if you are looking to open a company in Macedonia and decide for the local workforce, a series of tax benefits can be implemented in your firm. We remind that the Macedonian government sustains the foreign investments in the country and comes with varied investment incentives and encouragements to attract foreign entrepreneurs.
Please feel free to get in touch with our team of company incorporation specialists in Macedonia and find out more about the available tax minimization methods for your firm. You can also solicit help for establishing your business presence in Macedonia, regardless of the chosen structure.

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