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Minimum Share Capital for Company Formation in Macedonia

Updated on Saturday 02nd February 2019

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Minimum-share-capital-for-company-formation-in-Macedonia.jpgAs a foreign investor, it is important to know the business start-up costs when deciding for a company or business in a country like Macedonia. There are plenty of opportunities and varied entities which can be established in Macedonia, depending on the investment purposes and the activities involved. Our company formation specialists in Macedonia are at the disposal of investors from abroad who would like to open companies in this country and need to know what the minimum share capital for each type of entity available in Macedonia is.

How can I open an LLC in Macedonia?

A limited liability company is known as DOO (Drushtvo so Ogranichena Odgovornost) and it can be established with a minimum share capital of EUR 5,000 and at the Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia, the one-stop shop in charge of company incorporation in this country. This is the most common structure preferred by most of the entrepreneurs, whether domestic or from abroad which addresses to small or medium businesses in Macedonia. The formalities of incorporation are less restrictive, however, it is best to talk to a consultant and find out all the conditions in this matter.

Entities and minimum share capital for companies in Macedonia

The following table shows information about the minimum share capital for the most used business entities in Macedonia, plus several important requirements:
  LLC Stock Company Branch Partnership
Ownership 100% 100% 100% 100%
MSC EUR 5,000 EUR 25,000 EUR 1 EUR 100
Directors 1 3 1 3
Minimum shareholders 1 3 1 3
Corporate tax rate 10% 10% 10% 10%
Business costs   EUR 15,000 EUR 16,600 EUR 16,400  EUR 16,600
Can issue invoice Yes Yes Yes Yes


All investors need to have an idea about the minimum share capital and the business start-up costs for each type of entity, in order to skip any misunderstandings in the incorporation process with the entitled authorities. Feel free to get in touch with our team of consultants in Macedonia and solicit complete assistance in company registration in Macedonia and many more.

Joint stock companies and minimum share capital

Large companies from abroad can decide for joint stock companies in Macedonia and operate on the market under the rules and regulations of such entity. A private joint stock company can be established if a minimum share capital of EUR 25,000 is provided. As for the public joint stock companies, these can be established with a minimum share capital of EUR 50,000. A joint stock company can be set up by simultaneous or successive founding in approximately three months from the time the documents are submitted to the Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia. It is important to know the rules and regulations for establishing a joint stock company in Macedonia. Our consultants experienced in company formation are at your service if you are a foreign entrepreneur who wants to do business in Macedonia.

Capital requirements for partnerships in Macedonia

It is quite easy to set up and register a partnership in Macedonia. Whether it is limited or general, the minimum share capital is set at EUR 1 and it can be formed by at least two members. In the case of a general partnership, the partners involved are liable for the obligations and the debts in the firm. Among the requirements for establishing a partnership, we remind that an agreement in this sense is mandatory. In the case of annual registered sales of  EUR 170,000, an audit is imposed for limited liability partnerships in Macedonia.

Short facts about the business in Macedonia

The ease of doing business in Macedonia is extremely appealing to investors from overseas who know the business potential of the country of this part of Europe. There are acceptable business start-up costs, and a company can be properly established if the minimum share capital is deposited in a Macedonian bank account.
Instead of dealing with possible problems when opening a company, we invite you to contact our team of company incorporation agents in Macedonia and ask for complete assistance and information in this sense.

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