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Import and Export in Macedonia

Updated on Tuesday 23rd October 2018

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Import-and-Export-in-Macedonia.jpgHaving a growth rate of 14.7% on a yearly basis in terms of export and profits of $522 million, Macedonia is among the European countries which are representative in matters of trading activities on an international scale. Higher sales of equipment and machinery boosted the Macedonian economy in recent years and offered a series of investment opportunities for both domestic and foreign investors. We invite you to get in touch with our team of company formation consultants in Macedonia and find out how you can open a company in Macedonia.

The export sector in Macedonia

Germany, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy, Hungary, and the Czech Republic are the top destinations of the exported products of Macedonia and the main trading partners. The following products are taking the road to export from Macedonia to the above-mentioned countries but not limited to these, and the profits generated are for 2017:
  • chemical goods representing 20.6% of the total exports and $1,2 billion;
  • computers and electrical machinery summing up to $758,9 million;
  • steel, iron, and vehicles worth $625 million and 11% of the total exports;
  • furniture, prefab buildings, tobacco and manufactured substitutes worth $385 million.
It is good to know that the vehicles sector in Macedonia represents the third-fastest field in matters of exported products abroad and quite representative for the country’s economic situation.

The imports in Macedonia

Refined petroleum, vehicles, plastics, machinery, several chemicals, insulated wire, motor vehicles, computers, and even platinum are among the products imported by Macedonia from foreign countries. UK, Greece, Germany, Italy, Spain, Croatia, the Czech Republic are the significant import partners of Macedonia. In terms of formalities, the import and export sector in Macedonia respects the EU directives, plus the local legislation regarding the quality control, licenses, and permits as well as the certificates of origin of the products.
We invite you to contact our team of company formation specialists in Macedonia and ask for support if you would like to start a business in the trading sector in Macedonia.

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