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Economic Recovery in Macedonia to Boost the Foreign Investments

Written by: Editor

The Central Bank of Macedonia provided good news for the country’s economy through several reports showing that the recovery after the economic crisis has begun since the second half of 2017. The investment sector and the exports are two important engines that contributed to Macedonia’s salvage for the past few months. Foreign entrepreneurs who want to benefit from the solid and appreciated investment field can open companies in Macedonia with assistance offered by our team of company formation agents in Macedonia.

Foreign direct investments sustained Macedonia’s retrieval 

2018 is already seen as a prolific year for business, due to the foreign direct investments which entered the country. Approximately EUR 235 million is the value of FDIs for Q1 in Macedonia, summing up more than double compared to 2017, and even more for the entire year, as stated by the Macedonian Central Bank. Automotive, manufacturing, tourism, engineering, IT are a few of the sectors where FDIs were directed. Foreigners interested in registering a company in Macedonia need to know the business regulations and the requirements for incorporation. They can talk to our company formation representatives in Macedonia at any time.

The exports sector sustained Macedonia

The same Central Bank in Macedonia revealed the fact that the exports sector rose by 14.3% in the first four months of 2018, summing up around EUR 1,77 billion. This is for sure good news because the export field in Macedonia generated approximately EUR 220 million less in 2017.

Sustaining the investments in Macedonia

The numbers in the investment field which were recently presented have been sustained by the government's struggle to introduce transparent policies and a permissive legal framework for FDIs. The efforts rapidly showed results because the economy in Macedonia continues to flourish and to align back with the economic forces in Europe. The authorities are expecting a favorable GDP for 2018 and that is a 2.3% rate, with the optimistic idea that in 2020 will be lots of chances to reach 5%.
Entrepreneurs from abroad who want to set up a company in Macedonia can ask for complete assistance offered by our company incorporation specialists in Macedonia. Please contact us at any time.



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